Quarter-Life Crisis and How To Handle It

Are you in your mid-20s or early 30s? Do you notice that you are not exactly sure about your relationships? Perhaps, you have been on and off relationships for reasons you can’t tell. Maybe, it’s even beginning to get so bad that you are starting to think relationships aren’t made for you. Are you struggling with your finance even when you work a job that is well paying? Have you begun to wear big brands just to make it seem that you are not in a bad place financially? What about your dream job? You got the job you have always wanted, but you are suddenly unsure about wanting it. “Is this it?” you have asked way too many times. You seriously wonder what the purpose of life is. You are beginning to wonder “what’s next”. You find yourself totally appalled with the adult life. You tell anyone who cares to listen that adulthood is a scam, and you truly believe it. The truth is; you may be going through a crisis – “quarter-life crisis”.

Victor Njoku of  VUN Blog  takes us on a journey of what we ought to know about quarter-life crisis and how to deal with them. This form of crisis is what many of us go through but are ignorant of it and I hope it resonates with you like it did to me.

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